Need Property Management?

Property Management Services

Champaign County Realty specializes in Property Management and can help you get the most out of your rental property. At Champaign County Realty you'll recieve a personal touch and a professional service.


Read our Property Management Testimonials to find out why other property owners have contracted with Champaign County Realty for all their rental property needs.


Services include:

Rent Collection - Let Champaign County Realty collect and deposit rent from your tenants straight into your bank account each month! No need to contact your tenants. We do that for you!


Tenant Selection - Champaign County Realty will hand select your tenants. By selecting responsible tenants, Champaign County Realty is able to ensure extremely low eviction rates for your rental properties, translating to more money in your pocket and less time spent vacant for your property!


Maintenance - If a problem arises, let Champaign County Realty deal with it. We will contact the right people for the job day or night to ensure the safety of your property and hapiness of your tenants. Of course we will approve all decisions by you (the owner) before making any repairs to the property.


These are just a few of the reasons to enlist Champaign County Realty Property Management for your rental property needs.


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